N-Scale Steel Mill Model

One of the big advantages of N-Scale is the ability to construct a lot of railroad in a small space.  Here is a video of a scratch built N-Scale steel mill.  The amount of detail is fantastic and the model itself is enormous.  This is something that just wouldn’t be possible for many in larger scales, but N-Scale makes it achievable.

‘Chicago’ model train has $2 million price tag

For a Barrington woman building model trains is a lifelong passion. Elaine Silets designed her first miniature train layout as a child- and she’s still at it.

On a beautiful country estate in Barrington, there’s a very unusual business, Huff and Puff Industries, which builds model train sets to order for people from around the world. Elaine Silets is the founder and for the past 18 years she has been designing and selling very expensive train sets.

Her pride and joy right now- a 2500-square foot of modern day Chicago- complete with Millennium Park, the El and much more. It’s the result of a lifelong hobby.

The Chicago layout, valued at over 2 million dollars, will be donated to the city of Chicago.

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Coffee Table Layout

One of the advantages of N-Scale is that you can do a lot of railroading in a small space. Being about 1/2 the size of HO, N-Scale is ideal for model railroad layouts in apartments or other spaces that might not lend themselves to larger scales. N-Scale is also considered by many to be the perfect size for scenery, as it is large enough for a remarkable amount of detail, and yet small enough to allow for twice the amount of scenery as HO.

Still not convinced? Then check out the above video which shows an N-Scale layout constructed in a coffee table!