California High Speed Rail

A video presentation gives a glimpse of what California’s high speed rail would look like. Congress has approved $2.5 billion for California to begin the process of building the line. If you haven’t done so, we recommend that you visit the California High-Speed Rail Authority website at

N-Scale layout using scenery breaks

How do you run a fairly long train on a smaller layout without it looking like the train is chasing itself? The answer is by using scenery breaks. Mountains with tunnels, and a bit of clever track layout can create an effect where running trains look great on smaller layouts. This video shows how effective scenery breaks can be on your layout.

Miniature train builder's vintage tractors finding new homes locally

(Watch video of Godfrey Humann’s South Shasta Line)

It’s been a few weeks since the death of miniature railroad builder Godfrey Humann, but another part of his legacy has rolled along.

Several of his vintage tractors will be part of historical displays in Northern California for generations to come.

For about half of his 96 years, Humann worked on an extensive model railroad display he called the South Shasta Line. Working in his basement, Humann painstakingly created the world he saw or had seen in Northern California, creating replicas of actual trains and buildings that are long gone.

For decades, including last winter, he opened the doors of his basement in Gerber to the public, offering tours of the railroad. More than 90,000 visitors signed his guest book.

Humann also collected vintage tractors, which people could view when they came to see his trains.

Several of the tractors are now the future projects of tractor collectors who had befriended Humann.

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