Track Plans

White River and Northern

This is a really nice little track plan. The great part is that it is two loops, so that you can run two trains non-stop. Nothing in the way of a yard, but some really nice industry possibility with plenty of sidings and even a passing track or two – to create lots of switching possibilities. The White River & Northern has excellent use of scenery breaks which would make slightly longer trains look right at home. Newton Station would be great for passenger service, while a freight makes use of the other main.

All in all, the White River & Northern would make a great little home layout.

Trackplan – Old West

This track plan is designed for a standard 4 foot x 8 foot (sheet of plywood) N-Scale layout that features a landscape depicting the old west.  The layout features a double oval that allows for grades and a decent tunnel.  This would facilitate effective scenery breaks that would allow for running of slightly longer trains.  The layout contains three main industries, as well as a yard that features a town and an impressive roundhouse.  The yard itself can also operate as a longer passing siding for staging a second train.

The Old West layout would allow for some switching between the industries or in the yard, or the continuous running of a train.  Several of your favorite locomotives could also be displayed at the roundhouse.

This is a very effective, simple and straight forward layout.  Although it is an old west theme, it could be easily adapted to any time period.

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Trackplan – Great Northwestern Coastline

Here is a track planed based on the Seattle area of the Pacific North-West.  This track plan features three large staging yards and lots of industry.  Particularly attractive is the additon of a railroad car ferry as part of the Portland – Seattle Staging Yard.

While you can certainly run some freight trains on this layout, its main use would be for switching.  All that yard space would be idea for making up trains, and there is just enough industry to make work for the railroad – whether you are dropping off oil cars at the refinery or picking up loaded center-beam flats at the paper company, there is lots of work to do on this road.

So, if industrial scenic railroads in an urban setting are what you are interested in, this may well be the track plan for you.

Track Plan

Here is an example of a really nicely designed plan that would be suitable for a smaller area.  The plan is designed around a double track main, which connects with a very interesting branch line.  There are a couple of really nice little yards that would allow for some switching possibilities, as well as marshalling a few trains.

One of the nicest aspects of this design is its ability to incorporate scenery breaks, mainly due to a hilly area that contains a tunnel for the branch line.  Scenery breaks are the secret to running longer trains on a smaller layout, without the train appearing to chase itself.  Hills and tunnels are the key to creating effective scenery breaks.

This layout design emphasises running trains, as there is not a lot of industry for switching.  The double track would allow two trains to run continuously.

Track Plan

Here is a track plan for the hardcore switching fan.  It features plenty of industry and tons of yard for swapping out cars.  The main line is single track, but running trains is not the strength of this design.  This is a layout for those who love freight, and plenty of it.

In N-Scale, this layout would be fine in a small room or corner of the basement.  To get the most out of this plan, you would definitely want to install automatic uncouplers, with electro-magnet uncouplers on the main line and standard magnetic uncouplers strategically placed throughout the yard and at the various sidings.

This layout would be hours of fun to operate, and wouldn’t get too repetative.  When you are done with dropping off and picking up cars at the varous industries around the layout, all that would remain would be to assemble your train in the yard and send it out onto the main line.  Then you could sit back with your coffee and relax until the urge to break the train down and do more switching becomes too great to resist.

This is a very cleaver layout design and would be an excellent home or club layout.

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Track Plan

Here is a track plan that would make for an ideal switching layout for a small room.  It features a double track main line, with a tunnel for a scenic break.  There are a couple of industries and a service yard which features a roundtable and engine house.  There is a long siding next to the service yard that would be great for parking a few extra maintenance of way cars.

The layout features two industires (which could be combined to create a major industry, such as a mine, that is reached by a single line that climbs a grade, which passes over a small water feature.

This is a very simple but well executed design.

Track Plan

This is an excellent track plan that would be suitable for a larger space.  It features a number of separate loops for running multiple trains, as well as a large amount of industry.  The layout is divided into two levels, each of which features its own staging area.

The layout is based on the Lehigh Valley and Pennsylvania Rail Roads, each of which would see a large volume of freight, in parciular coal trains.  This is a large enough layout to allow for the running of some impressive trains.  It would be most suited to a club size space.

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Track Plan

This is an excellent N-Scale track plan.  Everything is double tracked, which would allow you to run two trains continuously.  There are two decent yards for switching, as well as a number of industries to keep the trains running.

The “folded dogbone” design can also make for effective scenery breaks, which then allow you to run longer trains without the appearance of them being out of place, or having that “head chasing the tail” effect.  The two percent grade on this layout, plus the addition of a few well placed tunnels, would create a layout with stunning visuals.

Track Plans

We are now adding a new feature to our website – Track Plans!

For those of you who are considering building your own railroad in your home (or garage, office or any other space), or if you are looking for ideas to expand your present layout, we are going to search the web for some clever track plans. Emphasis will be placed on plans that do not have a “spaghetti bowl” effect, which allow for an emphasis on scenery, which is one of the great strengths of N-Scale. We will also be looking for plans that contain a few sidings for industry, as switching on a home layout is endless fun.

To view the track plan in full size, just click on the image in this post to open it in our image viewer. (All the images on our website are clickable, so be sure to check them out.)

You will be able to view all the Track Plans by selecting the “Track Plan” category on the left sidebar of this site.